Sterling Silver Flatware

For centuries, sterling silver flatware has served as a symbolic gesture of grandeur. In most households, it was proudly displayed and rarely used except for during the most formal occasions. While sterling silverware sets may not be as prominent in today’s casual table setting, it is still a good idea to have a high-quality set ready for when the opportunity to host guests arises. Many people find these are a beautiful collector’s item and appreciate the rich legacy associated with these special pieces.

Fine antiques such as pre-owned sterling silver flatware always cater to a very specific audience with a very refined taste. For those who appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes into making sterling silver set masterpieces, understanding their uniqueness and know what to look for when buying a high-quality sterling silver flatware set is paramount to finding the best addition to your personal collection. Sterling silver is defined as an alloy of silver containing at least 92.5% pure silver with at most 7.5% of other metals, which is usually copper. Pure silver is too soft for producing large functional objects which is why they add alloys such as copper to increase its strength while also preserving the ductility of the silver. Other metals can be used instead of copper, such as germanium, zinc, and platinum, but the end goal is still to reduce casting porosity, eliminate fire scale, and increase resistance to tarnish. The exact formula is what differentiated many big-name brands of the past, and that is what is considered when gauging the quality of sterling silver pieces. Aside from the matter of metal composition, these antique sets are all distinguishable by the stylistic elements. Many of the pieces will feature artistically displayed touches throughout while still maintaining function which makes them especially desirable for those with an appreciation for beautiful antiques.

Here at Gray & Sons Jewelers, our carefully cultivated selection of sterling silver sets features only the most distinguished names like Wallace, Reed & Barton, International, and more. All of our antique sterling silver flatware collection has been polished and restored back to like new condition and is ready to impress on the dining table once more. Buy sterling silver flatware from one of the industries most respected curators of luxury items. If you’re looking to sell or consign sterling silver flatware, we can accommodate those requests as well with a highly competitive valuation. Please contact one of our representatives for further assistance today.

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