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The sapphire that is on our ring is characterized by high hardness and high transparency. It is obtained from metamorphic rocks, which are rich in alumina, as well as from pegmatites, basalts, and heap deposits. The extraction of these stones was dealt with in ancient times, especially in the areas of today’s Sri Lanka.

In addition to this region, they can also be found, among others, in Thailand, South Africa, India, the USA, Madagascar, Russia, and Brima. It is also interesting that the busts of 3 American presidents: Lincoln, Washington, and Eisenhower were carved with the use of this ore.

Used Sapphire Engagement Rings Miami Beach | Coral Gables

The most desirable for clients of Gray and Sons Jewelers from Miami, Coral Gables, New York, Los Angeles are engagement rings with blue sapphire. Very often, they are

  • Diamond cut
  • Stepped cut

which makes this stone look extremely elegant.

However, in the case of dark-colored stones, to emphasize their color, the grinding method is used

  • flat cut

It is also worth knowing that next to the pure blue sapphire on the ring, you can also find shades such as:

  • violet
  • orange
  • green
  • yellow

Due to the beauty of sapphire and the rarity of this occurrence, this stone is very highly valued in jewelry, which is why the used sapphire engagement ring is so willingly purchased by our customers from all over Florida, California, Texas, Washington, wanting to give special jewelry to the closest person.

The Power of Sapphire Rings | Bay Harbor Island | Hollywood

It is said that every gemstone has power. In the case of sapphires, it is special because it is supposed to bring happiness. What’s more, some believe that blue minerals delay the aging process of the body and have a calming effect. Therefore, wearing jewelry with them is recommended above all for nervous people who have trouble falling asleep.

Romantic souls who value elegant accessories in expressive shades can also choose sapphire amulet. Interestingly, the engagement rings with sapphire symbolize fidelity, which in the case of a marriage proposal is of great importance. Such a ring confirms the declaration made by the man when he asks for a hand.

Why Buy Sapphire Rings | West Palm Beach | Aventura

The sapphire ring is one of the timeless jewelry pieces that has been sold by Gray and Sons since the humble beginnings, 40 years is very popular among our customers.

Blue will perfectly match almost all other colors, thanks to which your chosen one will be able to wear it every day without any worries.

This small piece of jewelry greatly affects the image of the person wearing it, making it perceived as an elegant and confident person.

Pre-owned Sapphire Rings from # 1 Gray and Sons Collection | Miami | Surfside

Pre owned Sapphire ring is always a good choice, so if you are looking for this type of jewelry, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

In the Gray & Sons showroom, located in Surfside vis a vis Bal Harbor Shops, you’ll find elegant and timeless Sapphire rings made of 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 18k rose gold and many other equally beautiful settings.

Buy Used Sapphire Rings Today | Naples | Brickell Ave

Gray and Sons Jewelers is a jewelry seller throughout Florida, especially in Miami, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, and Fort Lauderdale.

Our online store is a safe space where you can discover the rare highest quality of pre-owned sapphire rings.

Our experts will help you choose the perfect used sapphire rings for yourself or your loved one.

Each of our Used Sapphire Rings can be purchased by credit card, cash, or as part of Affirm’s monthly payment credit plans. Also, you can check your order status online on our website or by the phone.

Request our monthly estate jewelry catalog.

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