Luxury Estate Rings

The Most Unique Used Estate Rings 

Although the “estate” label in estate rings brings to mind images of exquisite, unaffordable rings, it is simply a convenient way of saying that a piece of jewelry has been previously owned. Estate jewelry can include designer names like Cartier rings, Tiffany diamond rings, and also refers to fine jewelry from days gone by. 

Style Eras You Should Know About: 

  • Victorian: The distinctive style use of rings in this glorious era was dictated by the queen’s personal penchant for valuable jewelry. These rings typically featured a serious design that included darker color stones.

  • Edwardian: The style of rings in this age tended to be lighter and more flexible. Ring designs moved away from darker stones to include colorful gems. This is also the time when platinum became a popular metal, while diamonds and pearls came to be the most widely used gemstones.

  • Art Nouveau: Rings of this period were ostensibly designed with a more experimental approach as they tended to have styles based on florets with very geometric shapes.

  • The retro: The style in this era laid less emphasis on the gemstones worked in the design and more on the precious metal used to create the ring. Larger, less valuable stones became more common and were used in conjunction with more precious metals like gold and platinum. 

Why Should You Buy A Used Estate Ring?

Many people think of pre-owned estate rings as just a way to save big on the price tag of a new one. While that is somewhat true, there are other reasons why you should buy used estate rings, such as:

I. Each estate ring has its own history. Who knows who could have been the owner of your ring in the past? Could it have been an actress, a prominent socialite, or a renowned athlete? The possibilities are virtually endless.

II. Then there is the case for top-notch artistry; many estate rings hail from an era when design and craftsmanship were the hallmarks of the most accomplished jewelers. In the past, a stone’s cut was determined not by strict formulations and mechanics, but by a man staring down into a jewels depth and making a series of choices, each one designed to bring out the stone’s essential fire and sparkle.

III. Lastly, as with any vintage estate jewelry, no one will have a ring quite like yours. Pre-owned estate rings are the perfect testament to rarity and exclusivity and you will not be regretful when adding one to your collection. 

Diamond Estate Engagement Rings

Diamonds are the enduring symbol of eternal love, as well they should be. Diamonds are the hardest natural material known to humankind. What could better represent eternal love than something that is practically indestructible? 

But if diamonds are so indestructible, must a gentleman give his lady a newly mined and cut diamond? We say no! The opportunity for a true bargain exists in a used estate diamond ring. Sure, you can get a deal at the most famous of the “big box” stores, but does your lady want to wear the same ring that thousands of women across the country have just chosen? 

What about the 4 C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat? You might want to make sure that one of your 4 C’s does not stand for “cheap,” and when you buy a used engagement ring that has stood the test of time, “cheap” is certainly something you will not get.

What are the 4 C’s?


The mass of diamonds is measured in metric carats. One carat is 0.2 grams. The weight of the diamond is given to two decimal places. It has a significant impact on the value of the stone. 


A diamond is more valuable, the fewer inclusions it has. Internal birthmarks disturb the propagation of light rays inside the stone. As a result, diamond brilliance is lowered. External imperfections, called blemishes, also affect the quality and price of the diamond. Diamonds with clarity I1, I2, or I3 have imperfections that a specialist will notice “with the naked eye”. To see the inclusions of diamonds with SI, VS, or VVS clarity, you need to use a specialized magnifier.


The only diamond parameter that is influenced by man. The diamond turns into a diamond thanks to the brilliant-cut. Only with the right polishing of the diamond can you see it’s wonderful geometry. When assessing the cut, the shape, proportions, and finish are carefully analyzed. Certificates parameters are rated on a scale of: excellent, very good, good, medium, poor. When assessing the proportions of the brilliant cut, experts take into account: the diameter and thickness (the line separating the upper part from the bottom of the stone), the dimensions of the diamond, the total height and height of the crown (upper part of the diamond) and the pavilion (it’s a lower part), as well as the size of the sleeve clamping (point, faceted or broken).


Colorless or almost colorless diamonds have the highest price. Seemingly, most diamonds are colorless, and only under the magnifying glass, it is visible that they are colored in a shade of yellow or brown. The color of the stone has a significant impact on its price. Depending on the weight of the stone, lowering the color by one unit on the scale may cause a drop-in price by several thousand dollars per carat. The most common scale for determining the color of diamonds is the scale used by GIA, where diamonds in typical colors are marked with the letters D to Z.

Used Vintage Rings

Vintage jewelry is one of the most interesting collector’s exhibits of the past. Gray and Sons Jewelers offers used vintage rings, and much more. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our online range of used antique rings from the world’s best brands at very good prices. We are convinced that the products we offer will be a great addition to your collection.

A used vintage ring is one of the most frequently chosen antique jewelry. Behind them are an incredible history and unique charm. The rings offered by Gray & Sons are made with the utmost care, which makes them a great addition to any antique jewelry lover’s collection.

Estate Rings to Suit Every Taste

Since 1980, Gray & Sons Jewelers has been offering an amazing collection of authentic and exquisite used estate rings to jewelry collectors and connoisseurs who want to buy a rare or “unique” piece of history at the best price.

Gray and Sons Jewelers have used estate rings in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and 18k rose gold in their collection. Our specialized team makes every effort to ensure that you are 110% satisfied with buying your unique dream ring from us. 

The Gray & Sons showroom is located in Surfside, between Miami Beach and Bal Harbor. We are the most professional company in South Florida, from Miami, through Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, to Orlando and Naples. In addition, if you find yourself in a situation where you are considering selling or shipping an estate ring, we will present an offer based on the current market value of each item.

The Most Famous Designer Rings

Cartier Rings


The collection, aptly titled Love de Cartier, is to symbolize devotion in love. Round motifs adorning the rings bring eternity to mind. Precious materials such as 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, and 18k rose gold and diamonds emphasize the beauty of the feeling.


Some time ago Cartier presented a collection in which different-colored gold joins together. The material that dominates the collection is:

18k white gold – symbolizing friendship, 

18k rose gold – love, and 

18k yellow gold – faithfulness. 


The new Cartier collection corresponds exactly with this thought. Simplicity is a word that perfectly reflects the character of this collection. “Juste Un Clou” was created in the 70s when solid and durable constructions were to symbolize “rebellious spirit and raw energy in New York”.

Tiffany Rings

The “The Tiffany Setting” model is considered the most exemplary engagement ring. Its history dates back to 1886 when Charles Lewis Tiffany decided to launch a universal pattern that will prove to be one of the most desirable in the world.

He was not too wrong in assessing his work and to this day this particular ring is called the “ring of the ring”. The Tiffany ring is created by grinding the stone, which is later embedded in a gold or platinum frame.

The base in which the diamond is located is based on six teeth. Such action is not accidental, because the stone effectively catches the sun’s rays in this way, which later gives the entire ring a unique glow.

David Yurman Rings

David Yurman Inc. was founded in 1980 by the designer and sculptor David Yuman and his wife Sybil. David Yurman grew up in one of the districts of New York – on Long Island.

David Yurman rings are made of, 18k yellow gold, 18K white gold, 18k rose gold, and sterling silver featuring diamonds and a variety of gemstones. Brave but tasteful, mixed metal design is considered as one of the Yurman ring characteristics.

David Yurman rings are distinguished by a variety of styles, which, however, does not deprive them of timelessness.

Chopard Rings

Movable rings, diamonds closed between sapphire slides, modern design – Chopard brand products surprise with ingenious solutions, making them the perfect complement to any outfit. The Chopard ring is like a woman who wears it – brave and delicate at the same time, perverse and graceful.

The Chopard ring is the object of sighs of many women in love in luxury. The Happy Hearts collection was created to make you happy and is the first choice of conscious consumers familiar with global trends. Such valuable decorative materials as diamond, pearl, opal, and onyx appear in it.

Fans of the jewelry theme of the heart may like the model with “floating diamonds”, which are enclosed in a sapphire glass pocket.

Bvlgari Rings 

Bvlgari rings are extremely popular due to the fascinating combination of Greek and Roman art designs. Splendor, the richness of color, sophisticated jewelry styles are the hallmarks of this brand.

The last collection inspired by the architecture of the Roman Colosseum, the B.zero1 is the iconic brand design worldwide. Bulgari jewelry is characterized not only by a unique pattern but also by the bold use of colored gemstones. Other models:

  • B.Zero1
  • Bvlgari Bvlgari
  • Diva’s Dream
  • Save the Children
  • Serpenti

Graff Rings 

The hallmark of the English jewelry company is simple jewelry with large stones of the best quality. 

Graff rings are made of the highest-grade diamonds and colorful gemstones, which are set in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold, and 18k rose gold. Graff ring collections:

  • Laurence Graff Signature
  • Threads
  • Classic Graff Rings
  • Spiral
  • Butterfly Silhouette
  • Pavé Butterfly
  • Classic Butterfly
  • Princess Butterfly
  • Bow
  • Solar
  • Kiss
  • Inspired by Twombly

Sell or Consign Estate Rings

We have an evergreen collection of pre-owned estate rings that is sure to please anyone looking to buy a piece of history. Antiquities aren’t for the masses, but that’s what draws you to them in the first place. If you’re seeking the perfect estate ring, let us help you find it. Gray & Sons is also the leading consignment option for estate jewelry and have helped thousands of clients sell their estate rings for significantly more. Get top dollar for your used estate jewelry by trusting Gray & Sons with your selling experience.

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