Cartier Jewelry

Founded in the historical and cultural icon of Paris in 1847, Cartier is the benchmark for elegance and excellence for those with elevated tastes. Royal families would wear the pieces, and today you can feel like a queen or duchess with the right necklace. When choosing pre-owned Cartier jewelry for your collection, you are choosing a rich heritage and elegance that is instantly recognizable.

Here at Gray & Sons Jewelers, we sell Estate Cartier Jewelry authenticated and restored to its original state of beauty. Choose the right bracelet or ring to help complete your personal collection. We will always verify each of these items as genuine and offer discounts so you can get a higher value for less on luxury pieces. Jewelry experts will do the same so that you know exactly what you are getting from our store. 

In this selection, you will also find Cartier Paris pens, sunglasses, diamonds and diamond jewelry. Gray & Sons, vintage jeweler, is proud to have a wide selection of luxury items from the brand. Either authorized Cartier dealers or private collectors from around the world have traded these pieces in as part of our extensive and esteemed collection. 

Pre-Owned Cartier Jewelry 

We also have pre-owned, used, and restored jewelry. These include cufflinks, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Cartier France is known for its diamond jewelry and colored stones. This stunning contrast is evident in our collection of used Cartier jewelry at every turn. 

You will see the selection on our site changes every day. Skip to content that you like once you make a choice. The inherent beauty and artistic detailing in every price stay true to the cherished name that has been the subject of heist movies, royal weddings, and gala events. Read more about Cartier Jewelry from one of our own specialists here: Feel Like Royalty

Our commitment to excellence in serving the collectors of this designer is never-ending. We are lucky to have had the Cartier boutique across the street in the Bal Harbour Shops. They have been with us for more than 20 years. With a diverse range of styles available, all masterfully restored to pristine condition, we are your one-stop source for all things Cartier.

Cartier Necklaces

When you want to combine celebrity and elegance, then you go with a Cartier necklace. They were worn by royals such as Grace Kelly in her prime. Use to complement your outfits, and receive compliments in turn. You can get either simpler designs for formal occasions, or go wild with a more creative twist of metal and precious stones.

A great example of such a compliment is the original Cartier 18k white gold chain necklace. It is gender-neutral, meaning that anyone can wear it. The Rolo links require little maintenance, so the necklace is a remarkable addition to your daily routine. 

Cartier Rings

When you want an engagement ring or an anniversary gift celebrating many years together, giving or receiving one of the Cartier signature pieces shows that you are cementing your relationship as permanent. The brand symbolizes commitment and making a legacy together. You also don’t have to settle for simple diamonds. 

At Gray & Sons, you can decide if you want to size your ring up or down. You can try on every size in our selection, and find just the right fit. 

Consider the Cartier Cabochon Moonstone Ring with an 18K white gold band. It’s a unique piece that will look gorgeous when you go down on your knees. The white cabochon moonstone will gleam on your partner’s finger, and give you a unique alternative to diamonds. 

If you want diamonds and pearls, like a princess in a fairy tale, then take a look at the Cartier Tahitian Black Pearl & Diamond Ring. The 12.5-millimeter pearl rests atop an 18K gold band, and diamonds inlaid to make a bright contrast against the black shade. You’ll feel like royalty while presenting it to your loved one, with all the sweet words to accompany it. 

Cartier Bracelets

Cartier Love bracelets are extremely popular, and we always carry a selection. They are a great gift to provide to a loved one or to wear for a special occasion. Our details on the Cartier Love Story will give you a look behind the scenes and why you should choose this brand when buying a bracelet.

When you want a piece that displays understated elegance, we can recommend Cartier Love bracelet with pave diamonds. This band comes in 18K gold and 177 tiny diamonds, rows of them inlaid between golden studs. It is great when you want a bracelet to wear during the day, for any occasion. Use this piece when you need to switch outfits from working at the office to going out to a nightclub.   

If you prefer a charm bracelet, one option is this Cartier with diamonds, that will gleam in any room. The charms are laid against a chain of 18K gold and a total of 1 carat worth of diamonds. 

This is better for an informal occasion, as it can be hard to play off that many accents at a formal dinner or such. With that said, it’s a step up from a typical charm bracelet, which is usually made of cheap metal. You can add some elegance to whimsy.   

Sometimes you want a piece that has more flair. Aldo Cipullo, one of Cartier’s most famous artisans, delivered on that with his creations. He designed the Love Bracelet, as all as the Clou. 

The Aldo Cipullo Juste un Clou Nail bracelet can provide a twist that stands out and is verified as being 1971 vintage. It comes with papers of authenticity. Thirty years have not taken the shine off this piece, with 18K yellow gold and 2.75 carats worth of diamonds. The light will twist with the bracelet when it makes the diamonds gleam.  

Cartier Earrings

These earrings are meant to be the finishing touch to your outfit. They are designed for various occasions, and to complete your look when going out. See what the right arrangement of diamonds and gold to do. 

One such example is the Cartier Baiser du Dragon earrings, which are meant to represent the magnificent creature in jewelry form. 1 carat worth of rubies and diamonds hang on 18K gold.  These earrings dangle and gleam like bursts of fire in the dark. These are perfect for your next party. 

Find Your Next Cartier Jewelry Piece At Gray & Sons

Interested in selling your used Cartier jewelry? Ready to move on to something different? Gray & Sons Jewelers is one of the largest buyers and online consignment shops for authentic Cartier jewelry. If you want to buy, then we can show you our selection. Our prices are not fixed, so you can get a discount on vintage pieces, or set up a payment plan. We offer great deals on new and vintage jewelry at our Miami beach shop. 

Please contact us in regard to selling your Cartier pre-owned jewelry today or to make an offer on a product that you like. We are always interested in buying or consigning all jewelry styles. You can also buy Love Bracelets, Love Rings, Elsa Pereti, Juste un Clou, Panthere, Trinity, etc. There is no better place for Cartier jewelry consignment. 

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