Rolex Yacht Master

Rolex is a symbol for the prestigious, it is the epitome of style and elegance. Rolex watches are reliable because they are durable and made to last. Each watch is carefully designed by the most skilled and meticulous craftsmen, reflecting more than a century of innovation. Engineering, design, and functionality converge to materialize these timeless and sophisticated wristwatches. 

Rolex Yacht-Master Prices

On our page, you will always be able to compare the retail price versus our Gray & Sons sales price. As portrayed on our site, you will see that our prices will help you attain the elegance you desire at an economical amount. You can also make small monthly payments over 12, 24, or 36 months with Affirm. 

Pre Owned Rolex Yacht-Master

Rolex yacht master watches are created and designed for sailing, yachting, and aquatic ventures in general. They are waterproof and resistant to pressure, so if you go scuba diving you can rely on any sports watch in the Rolex yacht master collection to program a countdown, and to track your time descending to make sure you have enough time to ascend with the necessary oxygen to do so.


Rolex released the oysterflex bracelet yacht master II for those who spend most of their time at sea, and need a reliable time-piece to gauge their course of time in order to conduct efficient navigation.


 Having a sturdy watch is essential whilst navigating; sailors must be prepared to endure waves crashing on board and have a hardy time-piece that can undergo physical impact in case it gets knocked off when the craft is facing tumultuous weather. Whether you are deep-sea diving, water skiing, sailing, or lounging on the beach you can depend on Rolex for durability, water-resistance, and elegance. 

Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm 16623

This original yacht master is made out of stainless steel with yellow gold. It resonates harmoniously with the sea, due to the refined dial made from Mother of Pearl. An array of small diamonds also form part of the dial, so you can tell the time in the most elegant way possible. 

Rolex Yacht-Master 34mm 168623

This Rolex watch is essential for captains, sailors and those who engage in all nautical endeavors alike. Use it to gauge your best course of action for a regatta or for cruising on your sailboat along the coast. The blue hue of the dial will tone beautifully with the color of the deep blue sea while you are out on the water. While you are on land, this watch will keep reminding you to return to the sea, for the white spheres that represent the numbers for you to tell time, mimic the same color and luster of pearls. 

Rolex Yacht-Master 40mm 16622

If you are not a big fan of rose gold, you will love this Rolex yacht master composed of stainless steel and platinum. This watch will make a wonderful addition to the Rolex collection in your closet. It is minimalistic and simple, for those who prefer a humble yet tasteful style. Owning a Rolex watch means having a watch for life, these timepieces are built to last, we guarantee you will be able to pass it on from generation to generation making this watch generate sentimental value over time. 


Rolex Yacht-Master 44mm 116688

This Rolex is not only an instrument of time but also a chronometer, designed to keep accurate time in spite of mobility or variants in temperature, moisture, and pressure. Ideal for marine navigation, this Rolex Yacht-Master will meet all your needs and expectations whilst out on the sea. The 18k gold and blue accents make a striking yet attractive contrast. This Rolex watch is a true work of art in technological design and aesthetics. 

Rolex Yacht-Master for Sale

Gray & Sons is a sustainable brand that sells the finest watches available in the market. By reselling and fixing pre-owned watches, we have the lowest impact on the environment compared to other jewelers. We see value in adhering to a fix-it culture rather than a throwaway culture. 


We support brands like Rolex that are environmentally aware. We find their dedication to professional craftsmanship and the art of making elegant, durable watches honorable. At Gray & Sons, we believe there is nothing more beautiful than fixing antique jewelry and preowned watches, to us these used watches are time capsules that symbolize the style and technology of previous times. Owning a vintage Rolex watch is to own a piece of history. 

If you have any questions or comments, reach out and contact us! Our customer service team is ready and patiently waiting to assist you with anything you might need, whether it is purchasing a gift card or to find the perfect white gold accessory for your loved one. Our experts know exactly how to help.



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