Perpetual Calendar Watches

How does the Perpetual Calendar Watch Work?

The compilation of the perpetual calendar can be found in all movement types of watches

  • Automatic
  • Manual 
  • Quartz 

For watches with quartz movement and electronic timers, the perpetual calendar function is affordable and does not significantly increase the cost of buying the timer.

Mechanical watches with a perpetual calendar are, however, much more expensive because their mechanism is more complicated in construction.

Perpetual Calendar has so-called mechanical memory based on a wheel programmed for a 4-year sequence of months. Its presence means that the watch does not require manual adjustment of the indicated date in months with less than 31 days and March 1 in leap years. The perpetual calendar “watches” the correct date indication and automatically sets it according to the current month and year.

The Most Popular Brands of Luxury Perpetual Calendar Watches

  • Audemars Piguet
  • Patek Philippe Grand
  • IWC
  • A. Lange & Sohne
  • Jaeger-LeCoultre
  • Vacheron Constantin

Do Perpetual Calendar Watches Require User Intervention?

People interested in buying used perpetual calendar watches should be aware, however, that such a timer is not completely maintenance-free.

Perpetual calendar – is a contractual concept, since most of the watches available for sale with it require manual adjustment of the date. However, this is very rare.

What this means: Purchased, for example, on March 1, 2000, a watch with a perpetual calendar will require the first correction of the indicated date on March 1, 2100. Another such situation will occur in each subsequent year falling every 400 years.

The holiday of Perpetual Calendar Watches

Every year, we celebrate March 1 as the holiday of Perpetual Calendar Watches, because only this type of watches will not mislead the date.

First Perpetual Calendar Watches

The construction of the first perpetual calendar is attributed to Thomas Mudge (inventor of, among others, the Swiss uprising). The pocket watch he created in 1763, was equipped with a cylinder escapement and is now in the British Museum.

More than 100 years later (in 1889) a different perpetual calendar design was created in the Swiss Patek Philippe manufacture for pocket watches. Her most important distinguishing feature was the simultaneous change of day, month, year, and moon phase indications.

Used Perpetual Calendar Watches without Intervention

It can be safely said that watches with a perpetual calendar are practically maintenance-free because during the lifetime of the average user there is no need to manually correct the date indicated by them.

It is also worth knowing that there is a special module of the perpetual calendar “Perpetual Secular Calendar” constructed by Svend Andersen, which will indicate the correct date also in the year 2100 and will take into account its subsequent changes in the next years following it.

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Perpetual Calendar Watches and Their Additional Functions

Perpetual Calendar Watches can be equipped with both a date display indicating the current day of the week and additional functions. The sale includes models informing about the month, week number, etc.

These timers are a great choice for people who often check the current date and want to have more accurate data on hand.

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