When you invest in beautiful timepieces, the goal is to care for them in a way worthy of their value and elegance. Storing your watches is an issue for all watch collectors – whether your collection is two watches or over a hundred. Beautiful storage cases and new watchwinders are ideal ways to display and store your watch collection. The best way to keep your mechanical watches working well and on time is to keep them continually wound – you could do this by hand or you could get automated with a watch-winder box. With our collection of winders and cases from esteemed manufacturers, protect your cherished pieces with ease and elegance.

We are honored to bring you a diverse selection of carefully cultivated options for this important need for any collector. In our selection you will find an option for every size collection and every preference. There are watchwinders suitable for every collector, from single winders to winding cabinets that can keep up to 40 watches spinning. Gray & Sons Jewelers is an authorized retailer for both Orbita and Scatolla Del Tempo watchwinders and cases. With our selection of new watchwinders, it has never been easier to care for your pieces the right way. One of the first elements you are likely to notice in our collection is the aesthetic element. While a winder is intended to be functional in performance, it is also meant to look beautiful. We offer several stylish options to perfectly accentuate any existing decor in the room where you will use and store your new winder. When looking for a classic wood appeal, we feature several beautiful designs with expertly crafted and polished exteriors. For a more futuristic and modern look, consider one of the beautiful all glass cases with minimal trim for a clean, classy addition to your home. These winders are designed to double as display cases, so your collection is always beautifully displayed. Aside from the visual appeal, these units are high performing machines to ensure proper watch winding at all times. With such thoughtful features as individual stations which can be turned off when not in use, carbon fiber trims for long-lasting beauty, and more, every option in this collection is guaranteed to meet your elevated standards. Please contact us with any questions regarding these exceptional winders.

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